Baking Up Treble

Baking Up Treble

She always knew she needed to secure a brand for her business, but was just waiting to make the jump. She created her first logo in word with some simple graphics and fonts. But after a while, it didn’t make sense.⠀

For her baking and cake decorating wasn’t just about a pretty cake, but a work of art that helps outline her clients’ story. She knew this was her calling, but when clients and friends asked her what her logo represented, she had no answer. There was a disconnect.⠀

Alexandra reached out to me, needed a brand that showcased her love for decorating and creating cakes, presenting her business as creative, vibrant and genuine. The cake tiers in her logo are created as an artist’s brush stroke. Each one of her cakes is baked with care and meticulously decorated with thoughtful details, so it was important that her logo represented how each cake is its own work of art.

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