Thank you for considering Hello Harmony Studio for your graphic design needs! I would love the opportunity to work together. I love working with creative entrepreneurs to create brands that are custom, authentic and built with intention.

Below I have outlined what to expect from the process of a creative design project. Since every project is unique, the approach may vary, but it will always include the following components:




We begin our work together with a meeting and/or questionnaire. This is my favourite part — where I get to learn about you and your business. Tell me about your dreams, your values, your favourite clients and projects, what you love most about what you do and where you see your business in the next 2-5 years. This questionnaire will give me a sense for your aesthetic and style and give me a good insight to what direction to take with your project.




After we meet, we will together find images that reflect the values of your brand and evoke the keywords selected during the research process. Once we lock down a visual style, I will create a curated and polished moodboard and colour palette from our selected images. The moodboard will provide a visual jumping off point for the design of your project. After this, I start work on your project mockups. This involves scanning and digitizing my sketches as well as creating the perfect layout of fonts and/or graphic elements for your design project. You will be presented with several mockups of design ideas (3-5) to compare and contrast. As a result of your feedback, any necessary changes to the mockups will be made (ie. colour, type, layout).




After we are happy with the final direction of your brand and all of the bullets are checked off the list, we celebrate! I will send you the final files, but don’t feel that our relationship ends there. I am available to answer any questions you may have about the files and how to use them!

Now it’s time to sit back and relax. We did it! Continue hustling and creating with a brand that is authentic and reflects your business!