Ice Encased

This week my town got an interesting pairing of weather. Snow, freezing rain, then more snow. This covered everything in a layer of ice which was frosted by a light dusting of powder snow. Although it was nothing compared to the ice … Read More

Winter Forest

Paul and I are so fortunate to live within walking distance of a wooded conservation area with gorgeous walking trails. Since we got our dog, Navi, we’ve come out to the trails on a regular basis. Navi loves the snow and it is … Read More


As a child, my favourite colour was yellow. Every time spring comes a long, I am reminded of how cheerful it is with the bright yellow flowers being one of the first to bloom. Forsythia was always my favourite.  


I really find weather and snow fascinating. Winter is always an interesting season in my neck of the woods because we can go for weeks without any precipitation and the all of a sudden get snowed in for days. This … Read More

Ice Storm

Hi again everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Mine was full of seeing friends, family, and unfortunately, getting sick. The sickness ripped through my family and it still with me now as I type this, although … Read More