Etsy Round-Up: Golden Whites

Bright summer sun makes me gravitate toward lighter hues, like crisp, clean whites. White makes me feel light, clean and fresh, which perfectly embodies summer. I love decorating with white around the home for two main reasons: white matches any wall colour and … Read More

Etsy Round-Up: Blushed

Pink sunsets and blooming, pink peonies have been common sightings of my evening walks this past week. The temperatures have been steadily warm, which makes me gravitate towards warmer-coloured wardrobe picks. Nursing a bit of a pink suntan, I spent some time indoors … Read More

Etsy Round-Up: Rocks

It’s March and the weather has finally started to warm up. I’m much happier to spend time outside now that the extreme cold warnings have lifted and the temperature hovers around zero. Although the first day of spring is just … Read More