Simple Things

The last three weeks of having our puppy have been so much fun. The best thing was that P took most of those three weeks off of work. I find it so sweet that it was important to him to be around while we began to train her and get her settled into a routine. We have truly loved our time together as a family of three!

Now that P has headed back to work, I’ve moved my workspace downstairs so I can be closer to Navi. In between playing and cuddling with her (yes, I’m a suck for puppies), I’ve been working on my Etsy shop. I’ve put a lot of work into narrowing down shipping prices and adding shipping upgrades for my items in preparation for the Holiday season. I am also gearing up for two Christmas craft/art shows that I will be participating in this year and I am very excited about!

I did some family photos and headshots for P’s best friend who is leaving Canada to work in Europe. We are sad to see him go but excited for all of the opportunities he will have overseas! I am also seeing some European travels in our future to visit him!

rdprints | simple things
My current desktop background – Navi’s first experience with snow.
rdprints | simple things
My work set up in the kitchen. I’ve always been a huge fan of the original, colourful Apple logo. This retro mug was a gift from my Oma and Opa and is staple at my desk.rdprints | simple things
I love this picture of mid-laughter smiles!


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