Simple Things

Simple Things

A few months ago, my sister sent my mom and me a link to a Five Year Journal. We all loved the idea of being able to look back and see what happened on the same day years ago, so we each got one. I loved having mine during our Europe trip because we were able to recap our exciting days which will be fun to read next year. Even when my days aren’t chock-full of exciting things, it encourages me to think of the good things which happened.

When we were in Europe, we came across many bakeries and confectionaries. Instead of spending a lot of money at each, we decided to get one small truffle each for a small treat and, of course, to get a small taste of delicious Swiss chocolate. It became a tradition we carried through our trip.

Before embarking on our trip, I had booked myself into the local Airbus to make sure I would be able to get to the airport and home without P having to drive me and disrupting his sleeping schedule for work. On our flight home, I secretly wished that I would be able to see him at the airport, but didn’t let myself get carried away. When we came through the arrivals gate, my dad was there to greet my mom, and when he hugged me, he twisted me around so I was facing behind a pillar where P was hiding, flowers in hand. I was so happy to see him!
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  • Joyce Dost
    Posted at 20:12h, 02 October Reply

    Ahhh, that is SO sweet!


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