Word Art Wednesday #152: Happiness is…..

Word Art Wednesday #152: Happiness is…..

Happiness is.. | word art wednesday | RDPRINTS

I used to live within a short walk from this beach for more than half of my life. Living in a touristy beach town means that locals often take it for granted—I will be the first to admit that it’s easy to do so. When I became old enough to work, most of my summers were spent working in air conditioned buildings rather than soaking in the sun on the beach. Trying to organize a beach day with my friends around our varying work schedules was nearly impossible, and most summers I would have only visited the beach a handful of times.

Now that P and I have moved away from our quaint little beach town, visiting it means we get to enjoy it as tourists. There’s something inherently soothing about being out in nature—especially by the water because it is a treat to my senses. I love watching the shimmering water and listening to waves lap against the shoreline as I feel the sand under my feet. Not to mention the smell of clean air and fresh water. I find joy in a lot of different aspects of life, but happiness is most certainly a walk on the beach.


Happiness Beach | word art | RDPRINTS on ETSY

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