Word Art Wednesday #150: Faith drives out Fear

Word Art Wednesday #150: Faith drives out Fear

Faith drives out Fear | word art wednesday | RDPRINTS

By nature, I am a worrier. It’s hard not to worry, especially when we are victims of unfortunate circumstances.

I’m trying to be less afraid by believing that there is a greater plan for me, that these circumstances were meant to happen — either to help me grow or to make way for a better opportunity. In the past, I’ve been worried about many things, but God has always provided a solution to my problems.

When we believe that there is a greater purpose for our lives, we become less afraid and are able to more easily deal with the situations which are thrown at us.

faith drives out fear | word art | RDPRINTS on ETSY

Word Art Wednesday is a series on my blog providing weekly inspiration, happiness and encouragement. Most of the word art seen here is available as prints through my Etsy Shop. My work is also featured at lifestyle blog This Busy Life.

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