Simple Things

Simple Things

The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe it’s June already! P and I were reminiscing the other day about how waiting for June (our wedding month) last year felt like it took ages to arrive compared to this year. We’ve been so busy with work lately and it feels as though most of our time not working has been spent feeling unwell. I’ve been trying to get out and walk when I can but recently I’ve taken on a few extra jobs on top of my day to day job and my blog/Etsy Shop which has kept me tied down. This weekend will be spent relaxing, reading and hopefully painting! Hope your weekend is lovely too!DSC_1167

Our kitchen windowsill – lime basil (which is now almost twice as high), oregano and aloe.


Our neighbour’s new puppy, Chase.


A pretty surprise in our front garden.


Some pretty spring blossoms on my evening walking route.



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