Word Art Wednesday #137: Be Still

Word Art Wednesday #137: Be Still

I have been finding lately that I can’t sit still. When I’m not doing a task, I need to be watching something or listening to music to fill the empty spaces. That is a huge part of today’s world – we are always connected, always talking, always moving and never still.

Back in January, P and I escaped work and the winter cold to go to Mexico – you can see pictures of our trip here. There, I found myself content to be still. To sit by the beach, look at the coral rocks and listen to the waves. It was so relaxing and peaceful.

This word art is a reminder for me to slow down and be still. To watch and listen to the world around me without filling the empty spaces with other man-made distractions. Enjoy!

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Word Art Wednesday is a series on my blog providing weekly inspiration, happiness and encouragement. Most of the word art seen here is available as prints through my Etsy Shop. My work is also featured at lifestyle blog This Busy Life.

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