Word Art Wednesday #100: Between You and Your Dreams

Word Art Wednesday #100: Between You and Your Dreams

Today is a special day because this is my 100th Word Art Wednesday! About¬†2 years ago I was approached by This Busy Life about producing encouraging and inspirational quotes each week. I jumped at the opportunity, and haven’t looked back ever since. I opened my Etsy Shop shortly after, and have loved the opportunity to share¬†my Word Art and encourage others.

Because I’m so excited, I’m¬†giving away one free Word Art! The contest starts tomorrow, so check back to see how to enter!

Word Art Wednesday is a series on my blog providing weekly inspiration, happiness and encouragement. Most of the word art seen here is available as prints through my Etsy Shop. My work is also featured at lifestyle blog This Busy Life.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Sharing my Word Art has brought me so much joy over the past couple of years.


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