Simple Things

Simple Things

After spending last week carefree by the tropical beaches, I found it difficult re-adjusting to the daily routine, which at this particular moment in time is focused on wedding-related worries. My family also experienced a sudden loss this week, which made reality that much harder to return to.

I need to remember to slow down, relax, and re-focus on the simple things around me. I’ve found my mind flipping through memories of last week. The vacation itself was most definitely not a simple thing, but I can justify it because my favourite part about it was indeed very simple. Family. Spending every day with close and distant family was so much fun and a real blessing. I would have enjoyed it no matter where we were. But of course, being out of the Canadian cold helped too!

Being home also means we can return to a fantastic pad thai recipe. I’ve never fancied the dish, until a local restaurant showed up with the best ad thai I’ve ever tried. Once I had it, I was hooked. My mom suggested finding a recipe, and we were so pleasantly surprised with how it turned out that we’ve been requesting it almost on a weekly basis.

Although the wedding can be very stressful, it can also be very rewarding. I had so much fun finding mismatched glass vases at thrift stores and matching them together for our tables. This week I also had a meeting with our florist to finalize types of flowers for the day. I’m so excited to see it all come together.

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