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2016: The Year of the Rising Tide
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This is a small story about my introduction to The Rising Tide Society, an amazing community of creatives that I met in 2016. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” The Rising Tide Society in April of 2016, a good friend and … Read More

Travel Diaries: Switzerland 2015
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If you read my last Travel Diaries post about our time in Germany, then you know that the next leg of our mom and daughters travel adventure was a tour called The Best of Switzerland. We had scheduled a bus from … Read More

Travel Diaries: Germany 2015
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I was lucky enough to be able to go on a trip last fall with my sister and mom. The main part of our trip was a tour of Switzerland (which will be shared in upcoming posts), but we decided … Read More

Ice Encased
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This week my town got an interesting pairing of weather. Snow, freezing rain, then more snow. This covered everything in a layer of ice which was frosted by a light dusting of powder snow. Although it was nothing compared to the ice … Read More

Word Art Wednesday #162: It Always Seems Impossible
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… and then it seems obvious. Some tasks are so daunting that they seem hopeless. The truth is, no task is impossible. Yes, it may require a lot of time and several dozen failures, but it will help. After pursuing the task, all of a sudden something … Read More

Word Art Wednesday #161: Do Everything With Love in Your Heart
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It’s been a while since my last Word Art Wednesday post, but I’m ready to bring some pretty inspiration into 2016! I love this quote. The world would be such a beautiful and inspiring place if everything around us was created … Read More